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If you’re someone who has been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD or you just want to make a few changes in your life, you may have just taken the first big step to making things happen.

But first know that I’m not here to give you a sales pitch or false promises like "The 10 guarenteed tips for college students", OR “The 5 top ways to organize your sock drawer." I hope you're here to find out more about ADD / ADHD Coaching and whether it's the right thing for you and not to be sold on gimmicks.

ADD/ADHD is not a “one size fits all” condition so how you work through it depends on certain aspects that are unique to your life and personal situation.

I have ADHD as well.  I know first-hand what most go through once they are diagnosed, and then have the daunting task of trying to figure out what to do next. As someone who has been on both sides (first as a client and later as a coach) I know that coaching really can work for those who have hit the point in their life where want to make changes and not to keep repeating the same old approach of trying harder yet not really changing anything.  

I encourage you to find out first hand about ADD / ADHD Coaching and to take me up on a FREE consultation where you can find out all you can and have your specific questions answered directly.
But if you’re not ready to do so just yet.  I welcome you to The Coaching ADDvantage, and hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore the site and find out more about:

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Start your new path in life and be the change today!

Ari Petroff
ADD / ADHD Coach
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